Do not take my words for it.  Hear what my clients have to say about me.

From my first contact with Maria I was impressed with her knowledge and experience in the bridal industry.

After spending time discussing my requirements Maria tailored a course suitable to meet these. Her sales training combines the theory of sales with live examples which makes the training more accessible and makes Maria all the more credible.

The fact that after 22 years she still takes sales appointments in her own boutique is reflected in the quality of training delivered. Each member of staff received a training manual packed full of useful tips and techniques.

My staff have referred back to the manual for refresher training and utilised to deliver sales training to new members of staff. The manual is a useful tool but I feel it’s a better investment to meet her in person but I know that isn’t always possible.

I felt that the training day was great value for money and I have booked Maria to visit our boutique annually as the investment has reflected in our success.


Owner, Angharad Bridal

Maria definitely made the sales team engage with new ideas, I asked her to come back again for a refresher, I think they will expect her to come every year now.

Christine Kilsby

Owner, The Cotswold Frock Shop

I contacted Maria when I initially decided to open my bridal boutique in Donegal, Ireland.

I had a quite a bit of business experience and was looking for some insight into the world of bridal, which I was completely new to. After an initial chat we put a more formal arrangement in place with ‘Maria the Mentor’.

I would honestly say this was the best money I spent when setting out. I found Maria honest, approachable and easy to work with. She has a wealth of experience in the industry and is well known and respected, amoung her peers and bridal suppliers through her multiple bridal businesses and roles in the RBA.

A business owner herself, she is well voiced on all areas of running a bridal boutique from the legal and financial considerations to the day to day dealing with brides. Maria is particualrly passionate about sales training training and she has been an ongoing source of support and inspiration in this area. Furthermore, as Maria currently runs two bridal boutiques, she is up to date and well aware on current issues in the industry, brand performance and everything else in the wonderful world of bridal!


Owner, Pearls and Lace

I felt that Maria’s article on Closing that Sale in Bridal Buyer in July 2016 was speaking directly to me.

My background in Bridal is extensive in California and Florida.

Upon my return to Ireland, I have had inspiring coaching sessions with Maria.

Maria is consistent and savvy with a realistic approach to sales and her relationship to the Bride.



Maria has been a breath of fresh air to our team.

She works with you to understand where you and your consultants need help and puts together a program tailored to your needs. We love the content on sales, customer service and the NLP (something we had never heard of previously) boosts our team tremendously. Would recommend Maria to anyone looking to take their staff and sales to the next level!

Laura Boland

Owner, Bijoux Bridal Boutique

Maria is an engaging trainer and has added so much value to our sales team.

She is easy to work with and understands our industry.

We love working with her, and her knowledge of the sales process, customer and NLP practices are so helpful to our business – I can’t wait until our next training session!

Lynsay Speirs

Owner, The Wedding Store

great idea

Maria Musgrove-Wethey


If you would like to access my know how and a course or one to one coaching isn’t for you or it just isn’t practical then I’m working on an on-line version where you can access training at a time and in a way to suit you and your team. If this would be of interest please let me know and in the meantime I invite you to join my Facebook group Bridal Business Owners group.

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