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Simply fed up with lack of sales and want to do something about it?


Hello! I’m Maria

Sales Training Coach

Maria Musgrove-Wethey is a well-known and respected character within the UK bridal industry – boutique owner, writer, coach and trainer.

Boutique owner, trainer, coach and mentor Maria has over 20 years of bridal experience and is seen as an industry expert.

Since 1997 she has opened 5 new shops, bought an existing business, successfully sold 2 and currently is Director of The Pantiles Bride and Go Bridal in Tunbridge Wells.

BB (Before Bridal) she spent 20 years working for an international training company.

A regular contributor to Bridal Buyer she now wants to share her vast knowledge by offering sales training and consultancy to other bridal shop owners whether they are starting up, selling up or somewhere in between!

Want to know more about her experience & background?

My Approach & Values

I can work with complete novices to the seasoned sales consultant who needs a fresh approach or even re-assurance that she hasn’t lost her touch.
The different modules on offer are:
• Get into the right mood and “getting into the bride’s world” – the importance of mindset on the sale
• First impressions on the phone and face to face
• Common sales roadblocks/objections
• Closing the sale and closing that sale in 90 minutes!
• Selling to different personality types
• Convincer strategies – selling to different decision making styles
• Selling to Millennials – collaborate v control.
• Product knowledge – shapes, fabrics, veils and descriptive language
Visit my Sales and Coaching page to view the Courses and Modules on offer that will show you how to improve your business.

My Experience

  • 25 years working within by bridal boutique
  • Sales Coaching for the pass 20 years
  • Coaching and training for TMI

    My Sales “Health Check”

    Covers these areas:

    • How are you qualifying brides by e-mail and phone?
    • Appointment times – optimum length
    • Conversion rates and how to measure and improve them
    • Commission structures
    • Follow up (or lack of it) with the brides who don’t buy first time.
    • Data capture and maximising it (legally)
    • Trunk shows/designer weekends and how to gain maximum benefit from them
    • Characteristics of great bridal sales consultants
    • Identify your and your team’s strength and weaknesses

    I Work With one to one, In-house Training & Groups

    One To One

    Brides saying “Yes To The Dress”

    One size does not fit all, so we can design a bespoke solution just for you and your business.

    In-House Training

    Brides saying “Yes To The Dress”
    Improve sales and conversion rates by understanding that we need to Stop Selling and Start Helping – this sounds counterintuitive!

    Group Training

    Stylist to Salesperson with a Structured Sales Talk

    Depending on the group’s experience this could be a 1 or 2 day course.

    "Maria definitely made the sales team engage with new ideas, I asked her to come back again for a refresher, I think they will expect her to come every year now.."

    Christine Kilsby The Cotswold Frock Shop

    "I would honestly say this was the best money I spent when setting out. I found Maria honest, approachable and easy to work with. She has a wealth of experience in the industry and is well known and respected, amoung her peers and bridal suppliers through her multiple bridal businesses"


    "I felt that Maria’s article on Closing that Sale in Bridal Buyer in July 2016 was speaking directly to me. My background in Bridal is extensive in California and Florida. Upon my return to Ireland, I have had inspiring coaching sessions with Maria"


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