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Maria Musgrove-Wethey is a well-known and respected character within the UK bridal industry – boutique owner, writer, coach and trainer.  Boutique owner, trainer, coach and mentor Maria has over 20 years of bridal experience and is seen as an industry expert.


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Courses can be run in-house at your boutique or another venue or I can coach one to one. You can even get together a group of retailers and I’ll work with all of you.

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Want to become a bridal boutique owner, and there isn’t “The Dummy’s Guide to Opening up a Bridal Boutique”.  You will have a 20 mins chat with you.

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…willing to be mentored by not just one but by two “Bridal Lifers” with over 40 years combined experience who are still running their bridal boutiques.

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With the time and money you’ve already invested in your bridal business, you deserve to be wildly successful.  Lets’s face it.  You’re worth it…

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